Pictures of the new K1KBW Pulse Width Modulator and Class E RF Amplifier for 75 meters - SOON to be 160 and 75 meters

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The operting position, and some pics of the rig and antenna tuner.

operating_position.jpg (84769 bytes)
The operating position

rig_front_1.jpg (79091 bytes)
The new PWM rig from the front

rig_front_2.jpg (87843 bytes)
The front from yet another angle

link_coupled_tuner.jpg (93585 bytes)
The link coupled tuner

Pictures of the rig in progress.

modulator_top.jpg (95656 bytes)
Inside of the modulator (in progress)

rf_deck_back.jpg (93570 bytes)
The back of the RF deck

rf_deck_back_in_progress.jpg (94915 bytes)
The RF deck back in progress

rf_deck_in_progress.jpg (98724 bytes)
The RF deck in progress

rf_deck_top.jpg (94433 bytes)
RF deck, looking down from the top

rf_deck_top_in_progress.jpg (112997 bytes)
RF deck, top, in progress

Pictures of the complete transmitter.

rd_deck_top_completed.jpg (134502 bytes)
The RF deck completed, looking down from the top

rf_deck_heat_sink_completed.jpg (129889 bytes)
RF Deck heatsink components, completed

cab_side_open.jpg (88024 bytes)
Cabinet side open showing the inside

rig_front.jpg (45370 bytes)
The front of the completed rig