Pictures of the new K1KBW 160 Meter Class E RF Deck. The complete transmitter uses a Pulse Width Modulator and covers 75 meters and 160 meters

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The operting position, and some pics of the rig and antenna tuner.

operating_position.jpg (84769 bytes)
The operating position

rig_front_1.jpg (79091 bytes)
The PWM rig from the front with the 75 meter RF amp

rig_front_2.jpg (87843 bytes)
The front from yet another angle

link_coupled_tuner.jpg (93585 bytes)
The link coupled tuner

Pictures of the 160 Meter RF Deck.

View of the Rig (162835bytes)
Overview view of the RF deck

Front View (141046bytes)
Front of the RF Deck

FETs on the heat sink
FETs and components on the heat sink

Closeup of the Tank, etc
Closeup of the RF Tank, etc.

Inside looking down
RF deck, looking down from the top

Overview of the comlete transmitter
Overview of the complete transmitter

More to be added later!.