Pictures of the new K1KBW 75 Meter 10 MOSFET, PWM Modulator Class E RF Deck and Pulse Width Modulator / Power Supply

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The 10 MOSFET 75 Meter Class E Transmitter.

modulator_showing_boards.jpg (2467130 bytes)
Top view into the Modulator/Power Supply

modulator_top.jpg (3298333 bytes)
Another view into the Modulator

overall_front.jpg (979267 bytes)
Overall Front View

overall_front_1.jpg (3137154 bytes)
Another view of the front

10 MOSFET 75 Meter Class E Transmitter (con't).

overall_rig_front.jpg (2923936 bytes)
View of the transmitter front

rf_deck_top.jpg (2386673 bytes)
Top view into the RF Deck

rf_deck_top_1.jpg (3631835 bytes)
Another view looking into the RF Deck

rig_front_operating.jpg (828216 bytes)
Front view when the rig operating

More to be added later!.